Welcome to RN Financials

This is a financial education program designed for you by The Nursing Office Com, Taking Care of Nurses.


As nurses, you have more things to do than counting the eggs in your crate. Although money is not your specialty, you need to take charge of your finances because financial fitness plays a vital role in your nursing career. Without it, you cannot give fully to the demands of caring for others.


This financial education will help lead you to maintain your basic needs, build up your asset and finally earn an equity that will earn money even if you are off-duty. This will ultimately build your cushion for a comfortable retirement.


So, wherever you are in your nursing career, whether you are a student nurse, or just starting a nursing career, halfway to retirement or already retired, we have something good to share.



Getting Started


We help you create your own personal nest egg by creating and presenting you with the tools and financial resources to simply and safely manage your finances. This will be a self-help masterminding of money matters.


Nurses are as busy as ants and bees; therefore we will pattern this program like the ants and bees: preparing the goods for the rainy days when they cannot go out and look for them. We will make your hard earned dollar earn even on your days off.


We will de-mystify financial issues and help you become your own financial planners and design a “signature” life for you and your loved ones.


Building a Strong Financial Foundation the RN way


·         There are so many sources of financial information available in the market.

·         There are so many ways to build financial foundation

·         Nurses have money and steady income

·         Nurses have no time to study about Finance

·         Nurses need financial education


Why RN Financials:

·         Nurses need a simplified financial education

·         RN financials design the financial education and strategies especially for nurses

·         RN Financials is money made easy for nurses

·         RN Financials is powered by nurses


There is no better time to build your financial foundation than now.


Design you financial future

Mastermind your money and Take Control of your future:


Your Challenges (Nurses Problems)

·         Protecting your most valuable asset: YOU

(Life, Heath, Disability)

·         Reducing your liabilities and get out of debt as fast as you could

·         Coping up with the current economy and unexpected changes in jobs, status and career

·         Longevity and living in a fixed, lower income


Our Strategies: RN Financials solutions & commitment

·         Provide financial education

·         Develop your awareness of your financial status (What’s in your wallet?)

·         Provide financial tools you can use

·         Help you develop your plan and strategy

·         Help you review and assess if needed(PRN)

·         Make money (earn) even when you’re day-off

·         Enjoy life with peace of mind and security over your financial future.








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